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Impressed Current Cathodic Protection ICCP

We supply complete ICCP systems with Ti MMO anodes manufactured by KC LTD. under the highest quality criteria, supplying the most varied design found in the field with factory guaranteed performance.


Our anodes allow the operational return of the impressed current cathodic protection system (ICCP) without the need for any major structural intervention which could pose risks to the unit or a lengthy process of shutdown of the operation.

Systems, Spare Parts or Qualified Service?

Our Services

- New Projects

- ICCP and MGPS Dry Docks

- Anual Survey

- Commissioning

- Maintenance

- System Repairs


24 / 7

Brazil and Americas

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Rua Expedicionário Ary Rauem nº284, Colubande, São Gonçalo, RJ

Tel: +55 21 99512-0824 / 21 2088-8137

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