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We know exactly how corrosion and biofouling can affect the operation of marine units. Not only bringing financial losses to assets, but also affecting trust and credibility with Customers and the Market.

We are a Technical Services Company with accumulated experience in Offshore services and drydocks fully focused on providing suitable support and solutions to the Marine and Oil & Gas Industries, applied to the demands that occur throughout the operation lifecycle of floating units. Meaning that MCP Marine will always be present during installation, commissioning and maintenance for ICCP, MGPS, water treatment systems.

As commitment, respect and appreciation of the activities performed by our valued customers we offer specialized technical support 24/7 all over the national territory and South America 
and central America.

The company

The purpose of MCP Marine is to provide our customers and partners with expertise and competence acquired in more than 12 years of technical work developed on board ships and platforms of the most varied operators in the Naval and Oil & Gas industries in national territory and countries of the south America and central America at a high level of excellence overcoming challenges that involve this discipline with energy, determination and respecting all the safety rules helping our customers to solve complex demands related to problems caused by corrosion and bio fouling.

We are experts in solutions aimed at cathodic protection systems that use either ICCP anodes or galvanic anodes as principles for controlling and solution to unwanted and dangerous problems brought about by the silent action of corrosion in marine units. We also have great experience and a high level of satisfaction in solutions related to the control of proliferation of bio fouling and water treatment systems.

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Our Services

- New Projects

- ICCP e MGPS Dry Docks

- Anual Survey

- Commissioning

- Maintenance

- System Repairs


24 / 7

Brazil and Americas

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Contact us

Rua Expedicionário Ary Rauem nº284, Colubande, São Gonçalo, RJ

Tel: +55 21 99512-0824 / 21 2088-8137

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