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Sewage Treatment Plants STP

Bioreactors are the next generation of plants for the treatment of Biological Sewage.

Our G&O bioreactors can handle gray and black water from any Naval or Offshore vessel.

Our technology for Sewage treatment plants STP, is an “Aerated Submerged Fixed Film Unit” which operates using the “Matrix Technology”.

The STP G&O Bioreactor system provides an excellent growth environment for the bacterial culture, so important in this process.

Each plant is equipped with tanks with a rigid PP/PVC matrix. With this, we obtain an internal surface 125 times larger compared to any traditional Active Sludge plant or tank, where the bacterial media can adhere and develop.

In this manner G&O secure any perator full operational freedom all around the globe with a system that exceeds any known or expected future environmental demands.

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